The morning time is the perfect time to flood the body with vitamins and minerals.

Are you thinking about how to support natural energy production in your body rather than just inject a stimulant every morning to wake up .

Our experience with daily coffee drinking is body acidity, accelerated metabolism and heart rate. Also most of the people are used to this kind of response. They actually expect it because they understands it as the effect of caffeine. But in fact what happens? Caffeine creates a state of stress in the body that causes a rapid increase in alertness, followed by a fall of adrenaline or sudden tiredness or irritation.

Try with a cup of lemongrass CC Tea - Cymbopogon Citratus. The subtle citrus flavour of this pure leaf is soothing and yet refreshing. It is naturally caffeine-free herb, high in minerals that improve circulation and vitality. That stimulates oxygen transport to the body`s cells.

It won`t make you just energized but also clear throughout the day!