Turn your caffeine habit into a healthy morning ritual with CC Tea

Besides water, what do you put into your body every single day?
For many, the only other thing to drink religiously is coffee. Often it is the very first thing in the morning that goes into the body.
Many health & wellness experts recommend skipping the coffee and starting your day off with warm water and a squeeze of citrus in it. That sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It does, but for many busy people skipping that cup isn’t always realistic.
It is easy to get fastened tight into a morning routine, but it`s exciting to switch up things, at least every once in a while. The morning time is the perfect time to flood the body with vitamins and minerals.


Here is our suggestion to turn your caffeine habit into a positive ritual:
Whether or not you choose to eliminate the coffee, you want to start your day with zesty water. All natural alternative for that is lemongrass tea Cymbopogon Citratus – CC Tea. The subtle citrus flavour of this pure leaf is soothing and yet refreshing. Primarily, it will keep your body hydrated, whilst stimulating the senses and encouraging a physical invigoration.
After that first cup of CC Tea in the morning you probably won`t need a coffee anymore!
Drink the tea for an exceptionally brighter morning 😉