“I love to see that tea does not need sweetness, but recently, everyone is so artificial that I prefer to drink only water, as if I’m shaking so much sugar in. CC tea is totally different. It has a good, herbal taste of lemongrass.  Organic, unprocessed, plus once I found out that I’m also helping women in these countries by purchasing, I don’t need to think about it anymore to buy this tea or any other. I recommend CC tea to anyone who likes hot and cold teas, because it can be drunk in both forms. I usually add some lemon slices  for that extra help of vitamins 🙂 “
Žana Z.
“Due to my stressful job, I used to drink 5 coffees a day, which started to impact on my body. Now I drink only a morning coffee and later after a snack CC Tea, which also gives me energy and clears my mind.”
“I love drinking CC Tea and because it’s so good, I do not drink it myself anymore. My daughter also enjoys it with me. I can only confirm that it works positively on my mind and body, so I drink it through the whole day – from morning to evening :)”
Mateja M.
“Tea-xcellent! The adamant aroma, refreshing taste and the vigorous energy pump – superb!”
Nina M.