Transformative results that speaks for themselves.


“CC Tea is very special. It has a great herbal taste of lemongrass. I love to see that tea does not need to be sweetneed. Organic, unprocessed, plus once I found out that I’m also helping women on plantation by purchasing it, I don’t need to think twice. I recommend CC tea to anyone who likes hot and cold teas, because it can be drunk in both forms.


"Due to my stressful job, I used to drink 5 coffees a day, which started to have an impact on my body. Now I drink only a morning coffee and later after a snack CC Tea, which also gives me energy and clears my mind.”


“I love drinking CC Tea and because it’s so good, I do not drink it alone. My daughter also enjoys having a cup with me. I can only confirm that it works positively on my mind and body, so I drink it through the whole day – from morning to evening :)”

Mateja M.

When examining the leaves I found that they were carefully harvested and dried which is reflected in smooth leaves and its beautiful pale green color. Its taste is clean and very refreshing.

Filip Burnik, Tea Champion

“Tea-xcellent! The adamant aroma, refreshing taste and the vigorous energy pump – superb!”


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