We hold a big gratitude for those who nurture and harvest the leaves and all the plants on the earth. Therefore part of our vision is a social responsibility.
CC Tea is produced by the local women in the least developed state of India – Manipur. The current social economic situation of this region remains restless and chaos in the society leaves many without home, lamenting mothers whose sons are dead in this conflict, helpless wives whose husbands are long dead in this chaos.
The vision of CC Tea manufacturer – The SuiGeneris Agronomy Pvt. Ltd. is to support Women Empowerment by empowering 2000 underprivileged women who otherwise would have been lost in their war of survival without a trace, by giving them employment in the factory and farms. That helps them to make independent decisions on their personal development and shine equally in the society.
Remember for every packet of CC Tea you buy, you actually directly empower underprivileged woman.