The CC Tea expresses perfection of nature, because it is produced with the most ecological respect. 
As one of the pioneers in the field of green revolution The SuiGenerics Agronomy Pvt. Ltd. is striving to nurture the wealth of Manipur`s rich soil and to support sustainability and quality with organic cultivation of this plant.
The Cymbopogon Citratus plantations are spread on a pristine of Imphal, Capital of Manipur.

Nestling deep within a lush green corner of North East India, which is also called »Jewel of India« or »Switzerland of India«.
Therefore it is important to protect and preserve it`s rich bio-diversity and an amazing variety of flora and fauna by organic farming method without synthetic pesticides and genetic engineering.

It is important to always give back to mother Earth. For that reason SuiGenerics Agronomy Pvt. Ltd. started campaign called
»Plant a million trees campaign«
where they planned to plant a million trees and spread the awareness on Global Warming and Climate Change.
That is a good reminder for all of us of the way to handle and nurture the Mother Earth that serves us over our lives with respect and care.
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