Our story




Our company Rozle d.o.o. Horjul is a family business. The company was established back in the 1990. For already 27 years our business has been selling textile products. We have a credible and trustworthy company. In 2017 the company was reformed to expand in the field of herbs.
For the past decade we have traveled to India many times and during our trips we have made a strong emotional bondage with this country, its people and culture. We found the biggest inspiration of all the states in the culture of Northeastern State Manipur. For most of tourists still very hidden part of India but this beautiful land offered us the most delicious cup of lemongrass tea, the cup of CC Tea – produced by SuiGeneris. We have been drinking herbal teas for as long as we can remember, but it was not until a visit to the plantations and meeting tea farmers that we realized the extent of tea manufacturing to their employees and to building sustainabilty and social responsibility – from its consumption to the field. Eager to share the wisdom of this plant with consumers in Europe, we decided to bring the CC Tea to Slovenia and to start our new journey.




Rozle-tea was formed with a purpose to be a bridge between tea growers and businesses such as restaurants, cafes, tea shops, hotels, wellnesses and spas, who want to present best to their customers as well as real tea lovers. As your tea supplier we like to provide you, your family, friends, clients and customers with the full and best possible tea experience, consistant taste and high-quality.
Currently we work directly with the most capable and interesting tea grower in Northeast India, who produce small-batch, artisanal tea. We strongly believe that drinking artisanal-quality herbal tea connects our mind, body and soul, improving our overall sense of well-being and healing the world cup by cup!





” I believe that the world is deeply in need of more conscious commerce towards more positive world and healthy living. I am strongly committed to do good through commerce towards environmental and social sustainability. I care about others and I love to work with people, that`s why I decided to reform the company to combine my business skills and 27 years of experience in Commerce with my passion for plants and herbs. I was raised closed to the earth in the farmland of central Slovenia. Therefore my interest in plants and herbs began in childhood in our backyard and till now I love to work in my organic garden, full of vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices.”

“In my own personal life I have found that my overall health and well-being are greatly improved not just when I spend some time in the nature but also when I daily take time for myself and reflect by a cup of good herbal tea. It stimulates the senses and awakens an overall sense of ease, relaxation and comfort.”




 “Inspired by my travels to India and by the Eastern culture, where meditation is part of a daily life, I like to contribute towards this daily small routines in the west, where staying grounded is essential in this fast living world. Taking care of the body, mind and soul by taking time to sit and reflect by a cup of high-grade herbal tea is where everyone can start. I believe that enjoying a good cup of tea is a multi-sensory experience that has ability to open your body, mind and soul for deep relaxation, self-reflection and self-expression.”

“As a Brand Manager I enthusiastically integrate my passion for herbal teas with my creative processes through painting, illustration, design and photography. I am also happy that we can offer the CC Tea in Europe. As a result we help to rebuild families and restore their self-sufficiency, provide opportunities for future generations and secure our access to some of the finest quality plants on this earth.”