Our aim and vision are to raise awareness about the healing potential of Cymbopogon Citratus to its full extend.

Our company Rozle d.o.o. Horjul is an import-oriented company with exclusive sales and distribution rights for herbal CC Tea in Slovenia and Europe. We are passionate about herbs, quality, people and environment.

For the past decade we have traveled to India many times and during our trips we have made a strong emotional bondage with this country, its people and culture. We found the biggest inspiration of all the states in the culture of Northeastern State Manipur. For most of tourists still very hidden part of India but this beautiful land offered us the most delicious cup of lemongrass tea, the cup of CC Tea – produced by SuiGeneris Agronomy.

We have been drinking herbal teas for as long as we can remember, but it was not until a visit to the plantations and meeting tea farmers that we realized the extent of tea manufacturing to their employees and to building sustainabilty and social responsibility – from its consumption to the field. Eager to share the wisdom of this plant with consumers in Europe, we decided to bring the CC Tea to Slovenia and to start our new journey.

Currently we work directly with the most capable and interesting tea grower in Northeast India, who produces small-batch, artisanal tea and share our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

As your tea supplier we like to provide you, your family, friends, clients and customers with the full and best possible tea experience, consistent taste and high-quality.

We strongly believe that drinking artisanal-quality herbal tea connects our mind, body and soul, improving our overall sense of well-being and healing the world cup by cup!

- Fani Zupančič, Founder and Director

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