Know the Source

Introducing the manufacturer of CC Tea and sharing his inspiring story that is fresh as is the brew he makes.

Gratitude comes with every sip of CC Tea that we take and with every sip our thoughts go to the founder of Sui Generis Pvt. Ltd. and women on farms, growing the herbs.

Mr. Ragesh Keisham is a man who started from zero and succeeded because he believed in the numerous benefits of Cymbopogon Citratus (CC). In 2011 he established the Sui Generis and launched CC Tea, but the legwork started way back in 2007. With a lot of challenges in the beginning and no money to invest in packaging and advertisement, he started to raise funds with a campaign »Plant million trees«, giving talks in local schools about global warming and climate changes. In return for every donation he planted a tree and gave a packet of CC Tea. With donations and some financial help of unknown people who believed in him, he was able to start recruiting farmers, technicians, etc. and launched a properly packed CC Tea, which changed the tea drinking habit of the region.

He became one of the pioneers in starting a Green Industrial Revolution in one of the least economically developed states of the Indian subcontinent, in the State of Manipur. The main aim from the beginning is to restore the present economical condition which is prevailing in the state by utilizing the already available resources and manufacturing world class product. They replicate ancient methods for producing this delicious naturally caffeine free herbal tea.

The company is committed towards organic farming policies and the product is grown and packaged without any pesticides, fertilizers, colouring agents, flavours or other additives. Every residue or waste is recycled. They produce even their own clean and green energy.

CC Tea is currently generating gainful employment for more than 2000 individuals, empowering many underprivileged women and their families across the India`s poorest state and bringing stability to a thousand of households.

It is triggering a much-needed wave of development in this struggling region and has opened the doors of an era of economic bloom and prosperity for all sections of the society.

Sui Generis Pvt. Ltd. is truly equally committed to the planet, their people and product.

We are privileged, lucky and honoured to work with them!