Journey of the CC Tea cup

  Know the journey of that cup that you are holding
close every morning,
from plantation to the refreshing infusion!
It isn’t just any beverage, it is that which you are sipping, that your body is absorbing, that your cells are reacting to, it is that which you put your belief in, that which is healthy.
It is your reflection of life in that particular cup.


On plantations of CC Tea, like in the most of the areas in India, farmers are not using machine to harvest the tea leaves. All the harvesting is done by hand.
CC Tea is generally harvested 2 times a year and there is no change in the texture, quality or taste whole year round.
Farmers walk early morning through plantation and navigate between the plants and cut only the fresh matured leaves. After cutting they carry them to the factory where the healthy leaves are separated by the female workers. Once they are selected they are cleaned in their three-stage cleaning process. The clean leaves are then stacked properly into the racks to seep down the water and also to take out the preliminary moisture under diffused sunlight sheds.
The leaves are after also put under indirect air ventilating dryer for proper drying. This helps to retain more antioxidants and makes it more delicate in flavour and aroma then sun-dried.
Once the leaves are dried, they are sent to the cutting department where the dried leaves are cut for packing in bulk and grounded for tea bags packing. The whole process is finalized by the packaging department where the tea is carefully packed and ready for you, dear tea lovers.