Iced Tea lemongrass pineapple


Iced CC Tea with pineapple

Refreshing Sugar-free iced tea recipe

Serves: 1 cup

Total preparation time: 5 min


– 300 ml water
– 1 tea bag CC Tea/ 1 full teaspoon CC Tea in leaves
– 50 ml 100% pineapple juice/ few slices of fresh pineapple
– a piece of peeled ginger (optional)
– 1/5 lemon
– 6 fresh mint leaves (crush them with your fingers)
– ice cubes


1. Bring a cup of water in a pot or saucier to 80°C and add CC Tea.
2. After 5 minutes discard tea bag or strain the leaves.
3. Place the ice cubes in a glass, add pineapple, pressed ginger and mint leaves + squeeze over the lemon.
4. Then top up with a tea.

You can garnish it with some fresh mint leaves and enjoy in delicious and refreshing taste.

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