How to store tea

Tea as such does not get spoilt. It loses flavour which all depends on how well we store it. If tea is stored well in our homes, it can often last 24 months if not more.
Lets begin with the storage conditions that we need to avoid.
Tea is hygroscopic. This means that it has the ability to absorb the moisture that is there in the air. In short, moisture is the worst enemy of tea. Avoiding also four other storage conditions will make a huge difference in the shelf life of your tea. These factors are light, heat, odour and air.


Here are our best practices


It is highly crucial that you store the tea in a non plastic container. Glazed ceramics and non-reactive metals make great packaging materials. Wood packaging may be a workable option, but be aware that many wood containers have odours that can influence the tea’s taste.
Unfortunately, tea absorbs water from the air very easily. Until it’s ready to brew, keep it away from water boiler or heat sources such as oven or hob/stove which can ruin a perfect batch of good tea. You’ll also benefit by avoiding other humid areas, like above a dishwasher vent or in a refrigerator.
It is important to store it in a dark place away from direct sunlight because UV rays degrade your tea very quickly. Avoid also buying tea from vendors who store their tea in glass or plastic containers and avoid storing your tea in anything clear unless you plan on keeping it in a dark cabinet.
Always remember that once the lid is open and there is a strong odour in that particular area, the tea will absorb it all. The kitchen is a place where ‘smell’ rules. Every single time you open the lid to take out a spoonful of tea, a certain odour which could be of fried spices  would be infusing your tea.
Air exposure increases the chances that your tea will absorb moisture and odour. Avoid leaving tea out, sealing it with excess air in the packaging or storing it in porous packaging materials, like paper bags. If the  the mechanism can hold water, it can protect tea.
Keep delicate teas separate from strongly scented teas.
Be sure your packaging is food safe.


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