Your new calming beauty ritual.

It offers so many benefits. Because of the high amount of Citral in CC Tea, this steam doesn`t just open your pore vessels to release dirt, trapped oil, the daily toxins and acne causing bacteria. It also clears your nasal and respiratory passages, increases circulation leaving skin glowing, promotes elastin and collagen production.


1. Bring 4 cups of water to a boil.
2. As the water boils, clean your face using a gentle cleanser to remove any makeup or dirt.
3. Once the water has boiled, add 4 teaspoons of CC Tea leaves or 4 tea bags - just like you would make yourself a cup of tea.
4. Let is simmer for few more minutes then strain the tea.
5. Next, grab your towel, put it over your head and place your face above the steaming bowl, close enough to feel the steam penetrating.

Breathing 5-10 min using the steam will make you feel calm, invigorated, cleansed and extra glowy!