Soothing and delicious Golden Latte

Golden milk owes its name to the bright yellow colour of curcumin, the bioactive compound in turmeric that has also a reputation as a silver bullet for a wide range of health issues.

In traditional chinese and ayurvedic medicine turmeric has been used for centuries for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiseptic properties.

We are adding to this healthy beverage also a lemongrass for a zestier aroma which honestly makes it even more delicious.

With the cooler temperatures outside, there’s nothing better than a healthy, healing cup of Golden Milk to start your day or right before bed.

Ingredients: Makes one serving

·      250ml plant milk
·      1 tsp lemongrass CC Tea / 1 Tea bag
·      pinch ground turmeric
·      pinch ground ginger
·      pinch ground cinnamon
·      pinch cayenne pepper (optional)


Mix all ingredients in a small saucepan.

Place over medium heat and whisk until hot to the touch but not boiling (it should take around 4 minutes.)

Remove from the heat and strain it to remove the tea leaves.

Adjust sweetness to your taste with a tsp of coconut sugar or honey and enjoy!

In case you dislike the taste of turmeric, don`t worry, it develops a nice warm taste in a plant milk.