You eat plants, plants eat light!

The importance of vitamin D for our immune system has been highlighted a lot lately.
Especially in the winter, adults should take the additional vitamin D food or supplements, because of the weaker sunlight.
But … in addition, there are also other easy ways to increase the light in your cells.

One of these is a daily consumption of green vegetables, fruits and herbs.

The reason lies in their green color that comes from chlorophyll – the green blood and vitality of plants. The green pigment traps sunlight and converts carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose, two compounds needed by every cell in your body.

It is also recommended to eat grasses, not only cereals (wheat, barley…).
They are full of chlorophyll and alkalize the body. We know that the biggest problem today is the acidity of our bodies, which is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, stress, eating processed foods with countless additives for greater durability, more intense taste…

If all 37 trillion cells that make up a human can be supported by this green color, then let the GREENS become part of your daily diet.

However, there are 2 things to be aware of:

  1. Foods should be grown naturally, without the use of chemicals or other nasties
  2. Plants need to grow in the sun


When the plant or a herb like our Lemongrass CC Tea grows in its natural environment, when it is grown completely naturally (without any additives) and when it is exposed to the sun throughout the year, then it is truly full of life energy. Only under such conditions does it have a high content of chlorophyll and nutrients. This is why it hydrates you at the cellular level and increases your life energy, even without thein.

If you want to daily boost your energy level in a natural way, in the morning or during the day, drink a cup of CC Tea lemongrass herbal tea, prepare a green smoothie or cold-pressed juice.

In this way, you will also increase your inner light – the inner glow or radiance, which is a combination of good health and well-being.

In other words, we call it inner beauty, because it is that hard-to-define glow, that has nothing to do with your physical appearance and make-up, but it is strongly felt by others around you because it is so magnetic.

Of course, it’s natural for your body to change over the years, but you don’t need to have more health issues (physical and mental) every year – so recharge and hydrate your cells!

Lemongrass CC Tea, as a cup of hot tea or as a glass of Iced tea, creates such an opportunity every day!

After all, green color also calms you and opens your heart.


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