Tastes great, does better

Here is the truth about your cup of CC Tea! You do not only improve your sense of well-being by drinking CC Tea but also make a difference to the lives of the disadvantaged women in the communities where the herb come from.

Every cup counts!

Women Empowerment

CC Tea is produced by the local women in the least developed state of India – Manipur. The current social economic situation of this region remains restless and chaos in the society leaves many without home.

The vision of CC Tea manufacturer is to support Women Empowerment by empowering 2000 disadvantaged women and giving them employment in the factory and farms. Many of them are the sole income earners for their families. We support them by buying their produce at fair price.

Since day one, these beautiful, brave, strong and hardworking women are our greatest inspiration and motivation. Their image is now making appearance on our latest tea packaging in biodegradable pots. You can spot them wrapped in Phanek – a hand-woven skirt that is typical for all married women and similar to the Indian Sarong.

We care about positive social and environmental impact
Lemongrass CC Tea plantation

Small Farmer Support

Another positive social and environmental impact that production of CC Tea has is that it takes on lease farms from marginal farmers, who were once illegal growers of poppy and cannabis.

Before CC Tea’s intervention, these farmers were constantly harassed by traders and drug enforcement officers. Instead of working on an illegal crop, they are now earning a daily or monthly wage.

“In the past, I grew whatever I could find. But ever since I was introduced to the CC Tea project, they paid me for leasing my land and gave employment at the factory also. Besides working in the factory, I am also working as a caretaker in the field. My previous life was so different, but now I can maintain all the needs of my family.” Resangmi Hungyo, a farmer from Muirei village in Senapati District, Manipur

With every purchase you directly empower ...




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