Lemongrass CC Tea

Get to know where the CC Tea plant grows

In which part of the world are plantations of the tea that you sip and imagine what does it feel like to walk on that land…

We source our tea from its native environment in Manipur, Northeast India, because only like that the herbs can have the right balance of active compounds.

The word Manipur is derived from two words, »Mani« meaning »Jewel« and »Pur« meaning »City or Place«. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru called Manipur the »Jewel of India« while Lord Irwin described it as the »Switzerland of India«.

Nestling deep within a lush green corner of North East India, Manipur is surrounded by a Assam in the west, Nagaland in the north, Mizoram in the south and Upper Myanmar in the east. Hills constitute 90% of Manipur`s total area and the remaining 10%, including the State capital of Imphal, falls in the central valley portion. 78% of the total geographical area of Manipur is forested.

Lemongrass CC Tea

Located 790 meters above the sea level, it is a wondrously beautiful paradise wedged between hills on all sides. An exotic landscape with green valleys, undulating hills, gleaming blue lakes and dense forests that are dotted with waterfalls, lazy streams, cascading rapids, tripping rivers and carpets of flowers. The most beautiful and precious blooms orchids have an exotic aura and are coveted across the world. In Manipur they are found in their natural habitat and nearly 500 beautiful varieties of orchids grow here.

Manipir has rich bio-diversity and is blessed with an amazing variety of flora and fauna and is the abode of many rare species. It is also home to the only floating National Park in the world, Loktak Lake.

Lemongrass CC Tea

Its predominantly humid sub-tropical climate varies from tropical to sub-alpine, depending on the altitude of the hill ranges. The State experiences three main seasons. The average rainfall in the state (1507mm) is much higher than the Indian average. Its soil cover can be divided into two broad types, the red ferrugious soil in the hill area and the alluvium in the valley.

With a range of natural conditions, varied soil and unique topography, Manipur produces many excellent yields. For most of tourists still very hidden part of India, but this beautiful land offers us the most delicious cup of lemongrass tea, the cup of CC Tea.


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