Upside-Down Fruit Cake


Upside-Down Fruit Cake

Who says healthy eating can’t include dessert?

If you have fruit left at home, you can use any of the following. This time we used the apples from our garden.


– 150 g wholemeal spelt flour
– 150 g ground walnuts / almonds / hazelnuts
-120 g pre-soaked dates in 60 g of warm water
-2 bananas
-1-150ml brewed CC Tea
-½ packet cream of tartar
-1 tsp baking powder
– 1 kg fresh fruit- apples / cherries / peaches / pears / plums


1. First, place the fruit (cut into chunks) on baking paper in the baking tin so that it covers the bottom. Then put it in the oven for ½ hours at 190 degrees.

2. Make strong tea from 2 or 3 filter bags or 2 oz. 3 teaspoons per 200 ml. Make a little more tea because you will use it as needed.

3. Mix all the dry ingredients.

4. Grind soaked dates into a paste. Add mixed ripe bananas and pour over 1oo ml of CC Tea. Then add all the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix everything well together. The mass should be very light. Regulate that by adding tea as needed.

5. Pour the mass over the baked fruit in a baking dish. Return the pan to the oven preheated to 190 degrees for ½ hours- ¾ hours.

6. After cool the pastry in a baking dish at least until lukewarm. If you want the cake to be even juicier, you can top it with the rest of CC Tea. Only then carefully turn it along with the baking paper upside down from the baking sheet.

Since the cake is very light, help yourself with a plate or tray by placing it on top of the baking sheet and turning it quickly. Remove the baking paper and serve. A little note: The cake is even better the next day!



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