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Natural herbal tea, made from pure lemongrass Cymbopogon Citratus.

Say hello to enhanced natural energy, increased mental clarity, balanced moods, improved digestion and restorative sleep cycle – powered entirely by this versatile herb. Using this herb in its raw form turns every glass of water into an opportunity to nourish yourself on a cellular level. Our lemongrass elevates your hydration routine and helps to restore your body’s natural balance.

Plus, you will love it for its subtle natural citrus aroma.

Let drinking CC Tea connects you to yourself and others and creates space for heartfelt conversations.

  • Naturally theine-free herbal tea
  • Rich in Vitamin A, Calcium and Iron
  • 0% added artificial colors and aroma, without pesticides
  • Ethically harvested, processed and packed by hand
  • Daily hydration, which regulates body temperature
  • Great also for children, nursing moms and athletes
  • Regularly drinking CC Tea is not recommended only for pregnant women. The herb can promotes cramping of the cervix, which can trigger premature birth.

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Lemongrass CC Tea floods your cells with essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly, for uplifting mood, good health, growth and disease prevention.

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Great news! This biodegradable pot, made of cornstarch is environmentally friendly! When the tea is finished, you can reuse it to store herbs and spices or turn it into a pot to grow your own herbs. The joy of reusing your empty pot comes when you’ve successfully grown your own organic herb! After use, it can be disposed of as biological waste.

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CC Tea leaves

CC Tea is generally harvested 2 times a year. Selected healthy leaves are cleaned and dried in a special process which helps to retain more antioxidants and makes it more delicate in flavor and aroma. This also preserves the beautiful natural color that distinguishes it from other lemongrass on the market.

Lemongrass CC Tea
Lemongrass CC Tea Origin

The Origin

To ensure peak nutrition, we source our tea from it’s native environment, nestling deep within lush green corner of Northeast India – Manipur. Only like that the herb can have the right balance of active compounds.

Because we care deeply about people and the planet, we work directly with the most capable and interesting tea grower in NE India, who produce small-batch, artisanal tea with so much love. The herb is grown on organic farm without pesticides or fertilizers and packed without any coloring agents, flavors or other additives.

How to make Hot / Cold Brew CC Tea

  • Bring a cup of water to 80°C
  • Add 1 full teaspoon / 1 Tea Bag
  • Steep for 3-4min and strain
  • Enjoy anytime of a day


  • Cool down the tea and enjoy in it later
  • Add fresh herbs (mint, rosemary, basil, etc.) or fruit (lemon, orange, pineapple, apple)
  • You can store the tea in fridge up to 2 days
Lemongrass CC Tea brewing method

Recommended by

DARJA REN - nutritionist, author CLUB MENOPAUSE ON PAUSE

I swear by the power of herbs and spices and I'm always looking for new yet proven herbs to help my clients. When working with ladies who are facing hormonal changes, would like to lose some weight, have gastrointestinal problems and very often insomnia, we first look for help and solutions in nature. There's no lady who I wouldn't recommend this tea and many of them report positive results, some of them have improved digestion, others drink it for daily cleansing of toxins, and most of them drink it to alleviate PMS. And we all agree, it's very soothing!

Counseling for women
DARJA FUREK - Face yoga, Self-massages, Acupressure, Detox programs

Instead of coffee and other stimulants, I drink and recommend a gentle Lemongrass tea or Golden milk with this lemongrass.
It wakes me up in the morning and gives me focus. I am more present, I am more balanced. I am in a perfect harmony. I also use it as a face tonic.
In the evening provides a gentle calming effect so I can drift off naturally.
I recommend it as a healthy and tasty alternative to coffee and as a nutritious hydration during the day.

Free live workout with Darja

Oxygen therapies in the hyperbaric chamber enable the transport of oxygen to the cells, it is an effective aid in reducing stress and treating diseases, for the regeneration of the organism.
We recommend drinking lemongrass CC Tea to all our clients to further increase the effect of our therapies and to gently detoxify.

Oxygen therapy
VIT-AL CENTER - Alenka Ajnik

I love my work and I'm always looking for new methods and products that can
contribute to a better quality of life faster. I felt in love with CC Tea because it brought exceptional
results to our clients, from better sleep, better regeneration, less stress,
better sense of well-being, to the improvement of inflammatory conditions in their body. We are collaborating for the last three years
and so far we've received only great customer feedback. I am grateful for this added value to our service and warmly recommend it to everyone.

ALTAJ - Sanela Hodžič

CC Tea is like the ritual for the soul that creates a space for self care. You can feel its essence and enjoy the scent. I like to treat my clients like VIPs, so I pamper them with a cup of CC Tea.

COMBOFIT - Sabina Hafizovič

After every therapy, I love to serve a cup of the best CC Tea to nourish and hydrate my clients.

MAGIC SOAP - Suzana Mitrić

With my tips and natural skin & hair care products, I help you to get back to the basics and reduce the amount of chemicals you are exposed to with your cosmetics. I'm in love with herbs, so I'm happy that I discovered the wonderful Lemongrass CC Tea. It gives me a better sense of well-being and fully supports me on my mission. I use it also for making my natural soaps.

Natural cosmetic

If you are on the journey to Wellness, it's time to explore the power of this versatile lemongrass.


Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)

Okus, ki se ga ne naveličam

Rated 5 out of 5

Končno sem našla čaj, ki mi res odgovarja. Rad pa ga spije tudi moj partner, ki drugače ni ljubitelj zeliščnih čajev.


Ni je dame, ki ji ne bi priporočila prav tega čaja

Rated 5 out of 5

Sama si ga z največjim veseljem pripravim zvečer, po napornem dnevu ob samo mojih 5 minutah… pomiri me, zaspim kot dojenček, in prav vitalni spanec je tisti, ki je za nas prezaposlene na vseh področjih, še kako potreben, da kontriramo stresu, tesnobi, ki se nas zna lotiti in hormončkom, ki postajajo vedno bolj “razigrani”. Čaj definitivno in z največjim veseljem priporočam vsem, ki si želijo zdravja, dobrega počutja, zasijati od znotraj navzven in uživati v fantastičnem okusu ter razvajti borbončice.



Rated 5 out of 5

Namesto kave in drugih poživil pijem in priporočam nežen čaj limonske trave CC Tea ali pa zlato mleko z limonsko travo. Zjutraj me zbudi in zbistri, po potrebi me pomiri. Sem bolj prisotna, sem v harmoniji. Uporabim ga tudi kot tonik za obraz. Zvečer me umiri, da sladko zaspim. Priporočam kot okusno in zdravo alternativo kavi in kot hidracijo čez dan.


Dober okus in dobro počutje!

Rated 5 out of 5

Čaj je zelo okusen. Deluje pomirjujoče in hkrati osvežilno. Pri meni je deloval na izločanje vode zelo dobro, saj se mi ta precej nabira. Po slabem tednu že opažam spremembe na koži. Z uživanjem tega čaja zagotovo ne bom prenehala!


Super čaj

Rated 5 out of 5

Sedaj bom tretjič naročila paketek, ker sem izredno zadovoljna s čajem CC Tea. Pijem ga dnevno in da mi fokus, za kar sem najbolj hvaležna. Končno imam energijo, da dokončam vse, kar si zadam. Okus pa je odličen in osvežilen!

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