This is where it all started


Just like on the first date, let us tell you something about our past, present and future – a future we’d love for you to be part of. Intrigued? Read more about how our family discovered the power of lemongrass

Are we the only ones with butterflies?

Our Perspective

At Rozle-tea we have a big love for nature, natural food, natural cosmetics… in short, everything natural. The purer, the better. We believe in everything that comes from unspoiled nature. Plants as medicine. Body intelligence. The connectedness of everything. We strongly believe that drinking artisanal-quality herbal tea connects our mind, body and soul, improving our overall sense of well-being and heals the world cup by cup! Our mission is to nourish, inspire and celebrate together the power of lemongrass.

Our Story

India, 2017. The land of tea and spices. Surrounded by tropical sandy beaches on one side, the highest peaks in the world on the other and lush green plantations in between – not just those with rice. With plantations in the NE that create wonderful stories and sustainable products.

Naša zgodba CC Tea

Fani – Slovenia, 60s

My love for herbs began in the childhood, when my mother collected all sorts of herbs, which we then dried and stored in large glass jars. Just like many Slovenian families of that time. The ancient knowledge about the use of medicinal herbs was strongly present in my youth and we always turned to herbs for help first. I kept that love and trust in them and passed it on to my family as well.

Tanja – India, many years later

About 50 years later our eldest daughter moved to India. There she found (in 2017) help at the Osteopathic – Ayurvedic Clinic for her health problems with the spine, dizziness and gastrointestinal problems. First they adviced her to regularly drink lemongrass CC Tea from organic plantation in Manipur in the NE India, where the clinic team also comes from. The tea relieved her nausea, stomach aches and cramps, calmed her in general, gave her energy and restored her focus.

When West meets East

Like other foreign patients there, Tanja was so impressed by the taste that she ended up drinking only this tea. No more water and coffee. Of course, she immediately sent it to us as well. This little packet of tea impressed us so much, that we decided to immediately visit the plantation where this unique herb is grown. So, Tanja boarded the first plane and flew from tropical Goa across the India, passing the snowy Himalaya range, to Manipur in the NE, more than 2000 km away. At the plantation they welcomed her with an open heart and she felt at home right away.

Born out of Love

When we learned about all the beneficial effects of this herb, and heard the story behind the production of this tea, we decided to support them and share this wonderful tea with the people in Europe. Behind the whole project is an amazing story about Women Empowerment in this region. CC Tea production creates employment for more then 2,000 local women. That enables them financial freedom and social equality in society. This is how our collaboration with the best organic lemongrass tea producer in India started. He grows and packs the herb from the same harvest and the same plantation. That makes the tea of the highest quality.

You love it too

We are happy that your stories and positive feedback confirm that we are on the right track. We are deeply grateful for all your recommendations to friends, co-workers… so our CC Tea community can grow. So far, also more than 100 companies, bars, hotels, wellness centers and shops offer CC Tea to their guests and clients.

Backed by Science

CC Tea has entered into a one-year research collaboration with IIT Guwahati, India. The several studies already confirmed what our clients already have noticed – its immunomodulatory and anti-viral properties. There is also a lot more to explore, so stay with us. There will definitely be a lot of more good things to hear about this versatile herb.

Now it’s the time for the good word to spread beyond our borders as well. What’s next?

We are focusing on new collaborations as well as other ways to explore the use of this lemongrass that could support our body even more.


We are proud to work with creative individuals and brands who creates sustainable products with our lemongrass CC. Together we can reshape the way we use herbs.

Tea Syrup U&V Interspar

Lemongrass TEA SYRUP U&V

Interspar 2020

Hejus Apple Juice Lidl

Unfiltered APPLE JUICE with lemongrass HEIJUS

Lidl 2021

CREAM HONEY with lemongrass

online shop Rozle-tea

Recommended by

DARJA REN - nutritionist, author CLUB MENOPAUSE ON PAUSE

I swear by the power of herbs and spices and I'm always looking for new yet proven herbs to help my clients. When working with ladies who are facing hormonal changes, would like to lose some weight, have gastrointestinal problems and very often insomnia, we first look for help and solutions in nature. There's no lady who I wouldn't recommend this tea and many of them report positive results, some of them have improved digestion, others drink it for daily cleansing of toxins, and most of them drink it to alleviate PMS. And we all agree, it's very soothing!

Counseling for women
DARJA FUREK - Face yoga, Self-massages, Acupressure, Detox programs

Instead of coffee and other stimulants, I drink and recommend a gentle Lemongrass tea or Golden milk with this lemongrass.
It wakes me up in the morning and gives me focus. I am more present, I am more balanced. I am in a perfect harmony. I also use it as a face tonic.
In the evening provides a gentle calming effect so I can drift off naturally.
I recommend it as a healthy and tasty alternative to coffee and as a nutritious hydration during the day.

Free live workout with Darja

Oxygen therapies in the hyperbaric chamber enable the transport of oxygen to the cells, it is an effective aid in reducing stress and treating diseases, for the regeneration of the organism.
We recommend drinking lemongrass CC Tea to all our clients to further increase the effect of our therapies and to gently detoxify.

Oxygen therapy
VIT-AL CENTER - Alenka Ajnik

I love my work and I'm always looking for new methods and products that can
contribute to a better quality of life faster. I felt in love with CC Tea because it brought exceptional
results for our clients, from better sleep, which led to better regeneration, less stress,
better sense of well-being, to the improvement of inflammatory conditions in their body. We are collaborating for the last three years
and so far we got only great reviews, therefore we make sure that CC Tea is always present on our shelves. I am grateful for this added value to our service and warmly recommend it to everyone.

ALTAJ - Sanela Hodžič

CC Tea is like the ritual for the soul that creates a space for self care. You can feel its essence and enjoy the scent. I like to treat my clients like VIPs, so I pamper them with a cup of CC Tea.

COMBOFIT - Sabina Hafizovič

After every therapy, I love to serve a cup of the best CC Tea to nourish and hydrate my clients.

MAGIC SOAP - Suzana Mitrić

With my tips and natural skin & hair care products, I help you to get back to the basics and reduce the amount of chemicals you are exposed to with your cosmetics. I'm in love with herbs, so I'm happy that I discovered the wonderful Lemongrass CC Tea. It gives me a better sense of well-being and fully supports me on my mission. I use it also for making my natural soaps.

Natural cosmetic

Lemongrass CC is here to help your body’s natural systems work even better, to hydrate you on a cellular level and nourish you from the inside out.

We wish you a lot of joy, wellness and beautiful rituals with lemongrass CC. Let they become your favorite rituals of the day!

Cheers, Fani in Tanja


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