Nourishing tea tradition with your children

Tea can be our every day way of nurturing ourselves and staying connected to our children.

My childhood memories are full of pink tea set, received from my parents as a five-year-old. It led me into hours of tea party adventures with home made snacks in our backyard.

As me and my sister grew, we made herbal teas together, to be shared with our meals. Now, we are grown up and busier than ever, but somehow, in the midst of it all, I still keep those memories and lessons learned close to my heart. Tea always binds!

It is never too late to start your own traditions of sharing tea with the family, friends and especially your children. We all begun with a variety of caffeine-free blends and tisanes. If you add a playful name to the tea, who can resist?
Children are very spontaneous, so stay open for opportunities to have tea with them, that can pop up at any time. When your children invites you to a teddy bear tea party, just go with it and loose yourself in the moment. Even if the cooking and laundry have to wait for a while. Unfortunately, they will still be there when the party finish, but these precious years with your children go by fast.

I can almost guarantee a fast trip to dreamland. These moments will make your child feel loved and safe.

Cultivating nourishing tea traditions with your children is not only fun. It is also a reward that last a lifetime.

It is never too late! ~ Tanja


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