Less stress, better sleep

With lemongrass against stress

Stress is a daily reality for many of us. In fact it is a natural reaction to high pressure situations when we are in a hurry, face a series of small challenges at work and at home or want to meet our own high expectations. But there is a difference between this little daily stresses which can be even helpful, motivating you to keep going and get things done and chronic stress that builds up when you are exposed to a high-pressure situation over a longer period of time.

So when the pressure is on, what do you do?

Keep calm and carry on? Or feel tension, frustration, panic, fear, anger and rage in your body and mind, or even numbness, apathy and lack of energy for life?

Luckily there are plenty of simple and practical ways to help you stay on top of things and keep relaxed during the day.

In addition to exercise, enough sleep, a healthy diet, small breaks and a positive mindset, there is one simple thing you can easily do for yourself – replace caffeinated beverages with healthy theine-free herbal beverages such as soothing lemongrass tea.

Lemongrass is a herb without theine, rich in calcium, which contributes to the normal transmission of nerve impulses and helps to calm the muscles and nervous system. This helps increase the quality and duration of your sleep. It takes you into a deep and therapeutic sleep so you can wake up fresh and rested.

Healthy sleep is the strongest superfood in the world, the best doctor, protector against stress, the most superior rejuvenation and beauty treatment, because it revitalizes the brain, restores the immune system, nervous system, strengthens memory and concentration, balances emotions, and replenishes with natural energy.

Only after stress hormone is flushed from the adrenal gland, we can switch from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is the one that is more relaxed. When our nervous and hormonal systems are relaxed, the whole organism can begin to regenerate.

Lemongrass is a proven tonic for the nervous system.

  1. stimulates the mind and concentration
  2. helps against nervousness
  3. helps to treat dizziness and various neuronal disorders

You can also use it in the bath and it will help calm your nerves and relieve the symptoms of anxiety and fatigue due to stress.
You can find the instructions for our favorite tea bath here →

Lemongrass also activates a very important hormone seretonin – the hormone of happiness, which plays a key role in regulating mood. It gives a feeling of satisfaction, relaxes and calms the body, washes away stress and trauma. It is also important in preventing anxiety and depression.

Get your own 100% lemongrass tea CC Tea for less stress and better sleep – it will help you eliminate the effects of stress every night, allow your body to recharge its batteries at night, so that you will be awake, fresh and productive during the day, without emotional and energy fluctuations .

It will help eliminate the harmful effects that stress has already caused to your glands, nervous system and cells. By drinking it regularly, you will become more resilient to stress and able to maintain a good work-life balance in the future.

You can drink CC Tea tea all day long. We recommend that you prepare it in large quantities in the morning, you can also put it in a thermos and take it to work or on the road. It is also great chilled!
Find more recipes for hot and iced tea HERE →

Here are some of our best tips for simple daily little routines which keeps you relaxed:

1. Make yourself a cup of CC Tea in the evening.
Do not eat at least 2 hours before bedtime, preferably 4 hours so you do not burden the digestion. Drink only tea to give the body all the conditions for night detoxification.

2. Follow the biorhythm of nature, which falls asleep when the sun sets. Be in bed at 9pm / 10pm.

3. Turn off all electronic devices in the bedroom, or remove from the room all devices that has electromagnetic radiation.

4. Before going to bed, tune into yourself. You can achieve this through meditation, prayer, or just deep conscious breathing. And practice gratitude. Find at least 5 reasons to be grateful in a day. This too will bring you inner peace.


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