Meet the owner of plantation

An inspiring story by the owner of CC Tea plantation, which is as fresh as the tea he produces

With every sip of CC Tea tea we are grateful for this herb and with every cup our thoughts travel to the founder of Sui Generis Agronomy Pvt. and all the women, working on farms.

Mr. Ragesh Keisham started from scratch and succeeded because he firmly believed in the many benefits of Cymbopogon Citratus (CC). In return for each donation, he planted a tree and gave a package of CC Tea. With big challenges in the beginning and no money to make packaging and mass advertising, he started raising funds through the “Plant Millions of Trees” campaign. He offered speaches to students in local schools to raise the awareness of global warming and climate change. In return for each donation, he planted a tree and gave a package of CC Tea. With donations and financial help from unknown people who believed in him, he was able to start hiring farmers, technicians, and so on. and started properly packing CC Tea, which changed the habit of drinking tea in the region.

zeliščni čaj limonska trava CC Tea - spoznaj lastnika plantaže

He soon became one of the pioneers of the Green Industrial Revolution in one of the least economically developed countries of the Indian subcontinent, the state of Manipur. The main goal from the beginning has been to restore the current economic situation prevailing in the country using already available resources for the production of a world-class tea. They still use the ancient methods of making this delicious, naturally herbal tea.

The company is committed to organic farming and the herb is grown and packaged without pesticides, fertilizers, dyes, flavors or other additives. Any residue or waste is recycled. They even produce their own clean and green energy.

CC Tea currently creates jobs for more than 2,000 individuals, helping many depressed women and their families in India’s poorest country and bringing stability to thousands of households.

He started a much-needed wave of development in this underdeveloped region and started a period of economic prosperity and prosperity for all sections of society.

Sui Generis Agronomy Pvt. is truly committed to the planet, its people and product.

We have the privilege and feel lucky and honored to work with them!

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