Free coloring pages for adults and children.


Coloring pages for adults and children

Let the colors bring freshness, joy and happiness into your life!

This spring, our priority is mental and physical health. The current situation in the world teach us to slow down and take care of our body and mind even more. That’s why we are choosing coloring and painting over reading the news and endless surfing on social media.

There’s something really soothing about coloring and painting. Research also shows that it helps to clear the head and focus thoughts, meanwhile relieving stress. The brain disconnects and your only concern is which color you will choose next. And even with that, it’s not worth overthinking, and even less stressing about keeping your hand steady so you don’t cross the lines. There are no rules. All that matters is that you are present in the moment and enjoy the process. Lemongrass Tea can also help you with that as it calms you gently and clears your mind.

As we talk a little more to our houseplants these days, call our dear friends more often, rest more and take care of our hydration, our new everyday life has inspired us for the motifs of these coloring pages. We hope everyone finds something for themselves.

Here is the list of our favorite artists, creating high frequency music for a better atmosphere and creative relaxation –available on You Tube channel:

– Enigma
– Enya
– Mama Pacha
– Ajeet Kaur
– Hang Massive
– Nessi Gomes


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