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What makes us unique?

a natural herb brought directly from it's natural environment - skipping the middlemen

handmade and washed herb

sustainable and multipurpose packaging

biodegradable tea bags

Some of the collaborations we are proud of

CC Tea x U&V

Collaboration with a couple who work under the Uroš and Valentina brand. They create innovative and quality products. From our lemongrass, they created the ultimate Lemongrass tea syrup with lemon – WITHOUT added preservatives, flavors and enhancers. You can find it on the shelves of Interspar in Slovenia.

Lemongrass Syrup U&V, Spar
Heijus, 100% unfiltered Apple Juice with lemongrass


Collaboration with young entrepreneurs Andrej and Valentina. They create 100% unfiltered Apple juice with super herbs such as our lemongrass. The base is made exclusively from fresh local apples. Then they add aromatic CC Tea for a unique and even fuller taste, and more beneficial nutritional value than clear juices have. For their innovation they have also been awarded several times in Slovenia and abroad. You can find this healthy refreshing Juice on the shelves of Lidl in Slovenia.

Cream Honey with Lemongrass x Vizjak Farm

At Vizjak farm, they have some hard-working bees that make a great flower honey. They add our ground lemongrass CC to this cold processed cream honey and the result is unique floral and slightly zesty taste, without added sugar. So good, that you want to eat it with a spoon, straight from the jar. Currently available only in Slovenia.

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DARJA REN - nutritionist, author CLUB MENOPAUSE ON PAUSE

I swear by the power of herbs and spices and I'm always looking for new yet proven herbs to help my clients. When working with ladies who are facing hormonal changes, would like to lose some weight, have gastrointestinal problems and very often insomnia, we first look for help and solutions in nature. There's no lady who I wouldn't recommend this tea and many of them report positive results, some of them have improved digestion, others drink it for daily cleansing of toxins, and most of them drink it to alleviate PMS. And we all agree, it's very soothing!

Oxygen therapies in the hyperbaric chamber enable the transport of oxygen to the cells, it is an effective aid in reducing stress and treating diseases, for the regeneration of the organism.
We recommend drinking lemongrass CC Tea to all our clients to further increase the effect of our therapies and to gently detoxify.
VIT-AL CENTER - Alenka Ajnik

I love my work and I'm always looking for new methods and products that can
contribute to a better quality of life faster. I felt in love with CC Tea because it brought exceptional
results for our clients, from better sleep, which led to better regeneration, less stress,
better sense of well-being, to the improvement of inflammatory conditions in their body. So far we've received only great customer reviews. I am grateful for this added value to our service and warmly recommend it to everyone.
ALTAJ - Sanela Hodžič

CC Tea is like the ritual for the soul that creates a space for self care. You can feel its essence and enjoy the scent. I like to treat my clients like VIPs, so I pamper them with a cup of CC Tea.
COMBOFIT - Sabina Hafizovič

After every therapy, I love to serve a cup of the best CC Tea to nourish and hydrate my clients.
MAGIC SOAP - Suzana Mitrić

With my tips and natural skin & hair care products, I help you to get back to the basics and reduce the amount of chemicals you are exposed to with your cosmetics. I'm in love with herbs, so I'm happy that I discovered the wonderful Lemongrass CC Tea. It gives me a better sense of well-being and fully supports me on my mission. I use it also for making my natural soaps.
DARJA FUREK - Face yoga, Self-massages, Acupressure, Detox programs

Instead of coffee and other stimulants, I drink and recommend a gentle Lemongrass tea or Golden milk with this lemongrass.
It wakes me up in the morning and gives me focus. I am more present, I am more balanced. I am in a perfect harmony. I also use it as a face tonic.
In the evening provides a gentle calming effect so I can drift off naturally.
I recommend it as a healthy and tasty alternative to coffee and as a nutritious hydration during the day.

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