tea and yoga


A beautiful connection - tea & yoga

Tea can build a connection to ourselves and those around us through boosting relaxation and bringing the harmony. In this way tea and yoga are so incredibly complimentary.

Yoga is much more then a series of movements. It is a practice of moving meditation, gently weaving the connection between your mind, body and spirit. One challenge is learning to still the mind and focus on the present, leaving your worries for another moment. Slowly savouring an aromatic cup of herbal tea helps accomplish this. Tea is a natural way to enhance this practice as it was back in the history commonly used by Zen Buddhist monks to assist with meditation and prayer.

Think about what you want from your yoga practice today, whether it is to help soothe your body or increase energy. Then select the tea and garment that will enhance this: like pure lemongrass to quiet the mind or in combination with ginger to increase the energy.

Seeking just relaxation today?

Drink a cup of soothing 100% lemongrass CC Tea before Savasana. Savasana is known as the rest pose in yoga, helping to calm and center the mind. Typically done at the end of each yoga practice, it gives you the time to relax, meditate and recognize the specific needs of your body and mind today. Continuing to drink CC Tea throughout the day will help extend your yoga practice, moving it off the yoga mat and into your life, creating a healthy lifestyle.


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