100% Lemongrass Tea

Here to help your body's natural process

Level-up your self care routine and hydrate on a cellular level to glow from within

Lemongrass CC Tea
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Cream Honey with Lemongrass
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More then just a tea, that warms your insides

Read all about weak immune system, lack of sleep, low energy and skin health, and the solutions that CC Tea brings.

lemongrass CC Tea essential nutrients

Vitamin A + Calcium + Iron

Herbal cocktail of vitamins and minerals to support your entire family and strengthen immune system.

Less stress, better sleep

A tonic for the nervous system which relieves stress and improves your sleep.

herbal tea - lemongrass CC Tea

Natural energy boost

Naturally teine-free herb improves circulation and vitality, makes you feel energized and focused throughout the day.

skin care - lemongrass CC Tea

Skin care from inside + outside

It cleans the daily toxins, acne causing bacteria, clears your nasal and respiratory passages, leaving skin glowing.


Every cup counts!

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