Organically grown high-quality herbal tea as a gift from the nature for your well-being.

It is prepared exclusively from the leaves of lemongrass type Cymbopogon Citratus.

The subtle citrus flavor of this pure leaf is soothing and yet refreshing. You can enjoy tea like it is meant to be, with its soothing aromas and lingering taste. A cup of CC Tea can do more than just warm your insides, it stimulates the senses and awakens an overall sense of ease, relaxation and comfort.

CC Tea carries our cultural heritage and ancestral wisdom from times when people possessed a deep connection to Mother Earth and understood their own roots.

Many branches of alternative medicine are effectively using lemongrass, because of its therapeutic effects. In South east Asia this medicinal plant is also known as “Fever Grass”. it includes a lot of VITAMIN A, CALCIUM AND IRON, as well as many other minerals and vitamins.


We source our tea from its native environment, nestling deep within lush green corner of Northeast India, because only like that the herbs can have the right balance of active compounds.

Because we care deeply about people and the planet, we work directly with the most capable and interesting tea grower in NE India, who produce small-batch, artisanal tea with so much love.

The herb is grown on organic farm without pesticides or fertilizers and packed without any coloring agents, flavors or other additives.

All the harvesting is done by hand, generally 2 times a year. Selected healthy leaves are cleaned and dried in a special process which helps to retain more antioxidants and makes it more delicate in flavor and aroma.
There is no change in the texture, quality or taste whole year round.