A beautiful connection – Tea & Yoga

Tea can build a connection to ourselves and those around us through boosting relaxation and bringing the harmony. In this way tea and yoga are so incredibly complimentary. Yoga is much more then a series of movements. It is a practice of moving meditation, gently weaving the connection between your mind, body and spirit. One challenge is learning to still the mind and focus on the present, leaving your worries for another moment. Slowly savouring an aromatic cup of herbal tea helps accomplish this. Tea is a natural way to enhance this practice as it was back in the history

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How to store tea

Tea as such does not get spoilt. It loses flavour which all depends on how well we store it. If tea is stored well in our homes, it can often last 24 months if not more. Lets begin with the storage conditions that we need to avoid. Tea is hygroscopic. This means that it has the ability to absorb the moisture that is there in the air. In short, moisture is the worst enemy of tea. Avoiding also four other storage conditions will make a huge difference in the shelf life of your tea. These factors are light, heat, odour

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Beating the morning blues

The first day of the work week can be tough!     Whether you are having trouble waking up, recovering from a night out or maybe just in need for motivation to get through the day, here are our few secrets to snap you back into the groove and get you going 😉     1. CC TEA Tea like it is meant to be, with its soothing aromas and its lingering taste. Try to start your morning with a cup of our refreshing lemongrass tea Cymbopogon Citratus, full of vitamin A, calcium and iron and you will be amazed

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Turn your caffeine habit into a healthy morning ritual with CC Tea

Besides water, what do you put into your body every single day? For many, the only other thing to drink religiously is coffee. Often it is the very first thing in the morning that goes into the body. Many health & wellness experts recommend skipping the coffee and starting your day off with warm water and a squeeze of citrus in it. That sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It does, but for many busy people skipping that cup isn’t always realistic. It is easy to get fastened tight into a morning routine, but it`s exciting to switch up things, at least

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Nourishing tea traditions with your children

“Tea can be our every day way of nurturing ourselves and staying connected to our children.”   My childhood memories are full of pink tea set, received from my parents as a five-year-old. It led me into hours of tea party adventures with home made snacks in our backyard. As me and my sister grew, we made herbal teas together, to be shared with our meals. Now, we are grown up and busier than ever, but somehow, in the midst of it all, I still keep those memories and lessons learned close to my heart. Tea always binds! It is

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Journey of the CC Tea cup

  Know the journey of that cup that you are holding close every morning, from plantation to the refreshing infusion! It isn’t just any beverage, it is that which you are sipping, that your body is absorbing, that your cells are reacting to, it is that which you put your belief in, that which is healthy. It is your reflection of life in that particular cup.   On plantations of CC Tea, like in the most of the areas in India, farmers are not using machine to harvest the tea leaves. All the harvesting is done by hand. CC Tea

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Know the Source

Introducing the manufacturer of CC Tea and sharing his inspiring story that is fresh as is the brew he makes. Gratitude comes with every sip of CC Tea that we take and with every sip our thoughts go to the founder of Sui Generis Pvt. Ltd. and women on farms, growing the herbs. Mr. Ragesh Keisham is a man who started from zero and succeeded because he believed in the numerous benefits of Cymbopogon Citratus (CC). In 2011 he established the Sui Generis and launched CC Tea, but the legwork started way back in 2007. With a lot of challenges

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A visit to Manipur

                                                                                                                                                      Photo by Jogamani Sharma Get to know where the CC Tea plant grows, in which part of the world are plantations of the tea that

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Introducing the »Tea Plant« Cymbopogon Citratus

What is the plant responsible for our favourite tea?   Cymbopogon Citratus (pronounced sim-baw-poe-gawn sit-tray-tiss) is the plant, used to make our favourite lemongrass tea – CC Tea. Cymbopogon is a genus of about 55 species of grass, two of which are referred to as Lemongrass. These are Cymbopogon Citratus and Cymbopogon Flexuosus. Cymbopogon Citratus is commonly cultivated as culinary and medicinal herb. In Asia it is also reffered to as a »Fever Grass«. As many of indigenous medicinal plants it is used as spice, vegetable and food in the kitchen, for example in preparation of pudding, meat products, candies and

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