The first day of the work week can be tough!



Whether you are having trouble waking up, recovering from a night out or maybe just in need for motivation to get through the day, here are our few secrets to snap you back into the groove and get you going 😉




Tea like it is meant to be, with its soothing aromas and its lingering taste. Try to start your morning with a cup of our refreshing lemongrass tea Cymbopogon Citratus, full of vitamin A, calcium and iron and you will be amazed by how refreshed and ready you will feel to start your day.

2. Apple a day

Simple as that. However you eat it, know that the shiny red or green fruit is bringing you many nutrients. Besides that when eating an apple you consume a lot of air, as 25% of its volume is air.

3. Music

Turn it up. If you are still lying in bed, fun music that makes you want to get up and dance is always a good way to energize your mind and spirit.

4. Yellow or orange color

Try looking at these colors which are believed to positively enhance your mood.

Our suggestion to you is to add these practices to your life daily, long enough to see changes and simply for the love of yourself. In addition to getting a boost of good vibes, you will also enjoy a heightened sense of calmness as you go about your day.