Herbal Lemongrass Tea
Your daily ritual for

100% Lemongrass Herbal Tea

bringing your body into the state of balance

Handmade tea which lifts your mood and increase your level of natural energy  (without side effects as theine or caffeine), makes you feel energized and focused throughout the day and at the same time you feel relaxed and ready to conquer all the daily tasks, refreshes you as a warm cup or home prepared iced tea, floods your body cells with vitamins and minerals, sends you off into therapeutic sleep and much much more…

Discover and explore the power of Lemongrass!


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"More than just a tea

that warms your insides"

Read all about weak immune system, fatigue, insomnia, skin health and the solutions that CC Tea can bring. 

Vitamin C + Calcium + Iron
Herbal cocktail of vitamins and minerals to support your entire family and strengthen immune system.
Less stress, better sleep
A tonic for the nervous system which relieves stress and improves your sleep.
Skin care from inside + outside
It cleans the daily toxins, acne causing bacteria, clears your nasal and respiratory passages, leaving skin glowing.


of CC Tea

Natural tea

We know that quality of tea depends on plant health, its source and the way of harvesting. Our hand harvested tea is produced with the highest respect for the environment and human. Brought directly from organic farm in unspoiled nature of NE India.

Caffeine-free hydration

Daily hydration with benefits, naturally caffeine-free, suiting for the whole family. A soothing companion at home, work or on the go. Every day, throughout the whole year. Warm in winter or iced in summer - however you like it.

drink your vitamins

Lemongrass CC Tea is reach in vitamins and minerals, needed for the body to function properly, for uplifting mood, good health, growth and disease prevention.

tastes great, does better

You do not only improve your sense of well-being by drinking CC Tea but also make a difference to the lives of the disatvantaged women, working on plantation. Every cup counts.


Every cup counts...

Over 2000 local women employed and empowered so far

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